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About Us

Alpha Utilities specializes in providing chilled water and sewage services. Our services and efficiency have placed us as one of the major players in providing utilities services with a more environmentally friendly attitude. Today, we are providing our services to Skycourts occupants, who proves the confidence and believe in our services.

About Us
  • About Alpha Utilities

    Alpha Utilities specializes in providing chilled water and sewage services. Our services and efficiency have placed us as one of the major players in providing utilities services with a more environmentally friendly attitude. Today, we are providing our services to Skycourts occupants, who proves the confidence and believe in our services.

    We aim to offer the highest quality in every aspect to ensure that our pioneering utility service systems provide dependable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions that exceed our customers' expectations.

    We share a set of values that reflect our beliefs and guide us. These are fundamental to everything we do:

    • Integrity, honesty and respect in all dealings.
    • Providing superior customer service and value.
    • Unequivocal excellence in all aspects of the company.
    • Constant innovation in business processes, workflow, services, and technology.
    • Devotion to environmental leadership and community involvement.
Vision, Mission & Values
  • Vision, Mission & Values

    Our mission is to forge a progressive energy landscape for sustained growth in the UAE. We are driven by our vision of ‘Smart Energy, Sustainable Future’, and guided by our values of caring, innovation and teamwork.


    'Smart Energy, Sustainable Future’

    “Smart Energy” describes how we seek to harness, deliver and utilize energy in an innovative and efficient way.

    “Sustainable Future” highlights the need to develop robust energy solutions that endure over time.


    ‘To forge a progressive energy landscape for sustained growth’

    We will achieve this through:

    • A Secure Energy Supply: We operate the power system and promote the safe use of electricity to ensure that the supply of energy is reliable and secure.
    • A Competitive Energy Market: We promote effective competition with a sound regulatory framework that encourages investment and prevents the exercise of market power.
    • A Dynamic Energy Sector: We develop and promote the energy industry, facilitating the efficient use of energy, and supporting R&D efforts to secure our energy future;
    • A High Performance Organization: We embrace change and seek continuous improvements in our systems, processes and people.


    Our three core values are part of everything we do.

    • Caring: We respect and care for one another, and value our differences.
    • Innovation: We constantly challenge ourselves to improve the status quo, try new ideas and devise creative solutions.
    • Teamwork: All Alpha Utilities people are part of a team, committed to working together to achieve our collective goals.
  • Projects

    These are our key projects that have shaped and defined the development of UAE’s energy landscape.

    • Skycourts Tower A
    • Skycourts Tower B
    • Skycourts Tower C
    • Skycourts Tower D
    • Skycourts Tower E
    • Skycourts Tower F
District Cooling
  • District Cooling

    What is District Cooling?

    As the name implies, district cooling is all about cooling produced elsewhere. Instead of each building having its own cooling plant, the cold air is supplied by a central unit which can be operated using lots of different resources and effective methods. Both the residents and the environment benefit from this. Quite simply, district cooling is simple, safe, comfortable cooling distributed in a closed circuit with minimal environmental impact.

    How it works?

    District cooling is based on cold water being distributed in a network of pipes .The technology itself is simple. Water is cooled in a location and then fed through a network of pipes to homes, offices, hospitals, industry and other environments in need of cooling. The cold water pumped around the district cooling network is used to cool the air circulating in the properties’ ventilation systems. The same water is then fed back to the production plant to be cooled again. The temperature of the water fed to properties is around 6 degrees, while the return water is in excess of 16 degrees.


    The first commercially successful district heating system was built by Bridsill Holly who is considered by International District Energy Association “IDEA” as the father of District Energy. The first District Heating was launched in Lockport, New York in 1877. In 1930 the first District Cooling scheme began Operations at Denver’s Colorado. In 1960’s the first two European systems in Paris La Defense and Hamburg. District Cooling has used Centrifugal water cooled chillers as the main driving force. The first was developed by Dr. Willis Carrier in 1922. The Middle East has seen the first installations in of large central chilled water plants since 1960’s.

    Benefits of District Cooling

    District cooling systems takes advantages of economies of scale, system reliability, reduced noise level, reduced maintenance, reduced CO2 emission and better space utilization.

    Compared with building-specific energy systems, district cooling systems:

    • Are up to 40 percent more efficient, as larger systems are considerably more energy-efficient than small, individual units.
    • Require lower capital costs, as they eliminate the need for chillers, cooling towers, pumps and other individual systems.
    • Have lower operating costs, as energy experts manage them around the clock, keeping costs low with fuel and energy diversity.
    • Save building space that can be used for more valuable purposes (such as rental income).
    • Eliminate noise and vibration caused by cooling or heating equipment.
    • Are environmentally friendly, as they use an average of 40 percent less electricity than traditional cooling systems. District cooling systems also capture most of the heat energy generated in electricity production and use it to produce steam and hot and chilled water (cogeneration).
    • Provide a higher degree of reliability, as they are built with enough capacity to ensure energy is always available at the central plant. Distribution systems are generally designed with multiple loops or other backup to provide additional distribution reliability.
    • Have fewer surprises-financial requirements are predictable, and you only pay for the energy you use.
    • Enable a greater degree of flexibility, as building needs can go up or down without the need to change the central plant's capacity.
Green Living
  • Green Living

    GO Green with Alpha Utilities

    Green living is a lifestyle which seeks to bring into balance the conservation and preservation of the Earth's natural resources, habitats, and biodiversity with human culture and communities. Proponents of sustainable living understand that we are neither separate from nor unaffected by our natural surroundings and that the direction of the human race is directly affected by the direction of the Earth's environment in which we live.

    Such proponents understand the need to embrace practices which have little or no negative impact on our environment, to reduce waste and consumption, to work with Nature in creating sustainable food systems and living arrangements and to strengthen local communities and relationships. In laymen's terms, living green and sustainably means creating a lifestyle that works with Nature and does no long-term damage.

    If every household in the UAE, use eBills and pay bills online, it could reduce solid waste and help curb the release of greenhouse gases. Make the Switch, Make a Difference Turn off paper and do your part to Go Green!

    The Environment Benefits, But So Do You!

    In addition to saving the environment, you can save time. Receiving and paying bills online each month reduces this chore from hours to minutes. And with the extra time, you could plant a tree! You’ll save money too. Since you won’t be paying bills the old fashioned way — going to billing office, burning your fuel, wait in the long que — you’ll keep more green in your wallet. By paying your bills online, you will save time and money, preserve our natural resources and reduce the amount of waste that ends up at landfills.

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